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Dipak Chandra Das
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Dipak Chandra Das

I am Dipak Chandra Das.

Research Assistant

I am introducing myself shortly. I am Dipak Chandra Das. My nick name is Dipu Das and I am 30 years old. Currently, I am working in Public Health research field with more than one year of experience. Besides, I have over one year of experience in data analysis. Additionally, I have intermediate-level knowledge in data collection, data visualization, data analysis and manuscript writing. My background is sociology, where I have earned a CGPA of 3.93/4.00 in MSS and 3.78/4.00 in BSS. Despite this, I have a keen passion in Public Health research, particularly in the areas of Public Health, Mental Health, Sociology of Health & Illness and Medical Sociology. If I talk about myself in one word, I am a simple, honest, and focused career person. I have two major weaknesses: I cannot work quickly, and I am a lazy person too. Despite this, I have much patience to complete my work due time. I believe that if I get good opportunities in the future then I will achieve greater success in life. I am a PhD applicant in sociology. My aim is to building a career as a professional researcher and to be a faculty member in the field.